The last bookstore in Los Angeles
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The last bookstore in Los Angeles

There is nothing better than a bookstore with a rich selection of books and friendly staff. In Los Angeles there are many great independent bookstores where one can find art books, travel guides, books about politics or history for children. Some of them even have a cozy coffee shop.

With the appearance of smartphones and e-books it is rare to see a man with a paper book in his hands somewhere in the subway or on a bench in the Park. Such bookstore as “The Last Bookstore” is not going down without a fight, at least “the Last book store” has been revived in downtown of Los Angeles for the third time.

How could it be otherwise, if the new owner of “the Last bookstore”, Josh Spencer, has invested all his love to books and all his experience in trade and sales in his creation. This store is fully packed with 250 thousand books. It is currently located in the building where was the old Bank (marble columns and giant doors attached). The coffee shop and store “Labyrinth”, selling only books for $1 are peacefully coexists with the book store. “The Last Bookstore” is the largest independent bookstore in southern California.

Books are everywhere: on shelves, racks, bookcases, walls, floor and even on the ceiling. Various art installations and even stand cashiers are made from books. The shop sells, buys, exchange books and accept them as a gift. The ancient Talmud with yellowed pages and a brand new, still having a smell of ink, books in hard covers have found their resting place in “The Last Bookstore”. Millions of books find the second, and something, like cats, nine lives, and new readers in the store.

Good atmosphere and a fantastic interior, interesting stories and discoveries — this is what awaits visitors in “The Last Bookstore”. Perhaps that is why “the Last bookstore” more than once got in the top most beautiful and unusual bookstores around the world.

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