The Echo Park Time travel Mart at Sunset Blvd
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The Echo Park Time travel Mart at Sunset Blvd

There is a very funny shop, which is called the Echo Park Time Travel Mart on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Viewers in this unusual place can be seen more than buyers. And all this because of the fact, that its range is useful only for time travelers. Well, and for those, who are looking for an unusual gift for a friend. There are parts for robots, stew of mammoth, ray guns, fresh dinosaur eggs for omelets and other “useful” things, including barbaric insect repellent and plenty of fluids against cloning, which will operate the rest of the life. It is even possible to order anything in their online shop. In addition, sometimes lessons on writing skill are held in the supermarket. What’s the trick: Echo Park Time Travel Mart sells everything that one may require in order to survive in the previous or forthcoming time. The front window of the tore is displaying a caveman mannequin, who shakes his hands with a robot, but the backward of the store shows the non-profit grouping, where more than twenty students are learned in creative and descriptive writing per day. If the visitor comes with an interesting solution for goods to sell it in the market, clerks will help him to arrange it for sale to the community.

The market has a motto: “Whenever you are, we’re already then”. Different kind of accessories, apparel, posters, and kitchen supplies are also among the offered production. It all seems to be things that no one will ever demand, but it’s the fun that makes this place quite popular — there’s even a second location, Mar Vista Time Travel Mart.

The store is a tool to raise funds for a nonprofit institution of a writer Dave Eggers 826 National, literary and educational center for children. The Echo Park Time Travel Mart itself was created by Mac Barnett. He is a head of non-profit student grouping 826LA in Los Angeles. Mac Barnett, also writes wonderful books, each of which instantly soars to the top of lists of best books and gets a reward. His new book “a terrible couple” soon will be filmed.

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