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“It’s a wrap” — Hollywood consignment shop

There is an extraordinary shop in Los Angeles, where clothes in which actors were filmed are sold. Every month costume designers bring piles of clothes there. In the store the clothes are hung on the brackets sorting to special TV series and movies, and there are signs with the name of the picture everywhere on top. The store area of almost 500 m2 is located on Robertson Boulevard between Pico Boulevard and North Whitworth Drive, in the prestigious area of Beverly Hills.

It’s a Wrap! — is actually a consignment shop, which is not simple, but stellar! Hundreds of shirts, jeans, skirts, dresses, shoes and jackets, which have already played their roles, are being collected there. There is cheap clothing and expensive instances, which were previously worn by Brad Pitt or Demi Moore. At ridiculous prices one can find branded clothes from Giorgio Armani, Chanel, Gianfranco Ferre, Escada, Yves St. Laurent, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, Nicole Miller, Jean Paul Gaultier, Romeo Gigli, Prada, Anna Sui, Versace, Gap, Calvin Klein, Banana Republic, Moschino and other brands in the store.

Most things are suitable for day-to-day wardrobe, but there are clothes in the style of country music and Sci-Fi, vintage, sports uniforms and equipment. The name of the show or film companies, who carried out the shooting are shown on the price tags. This clothing is imbued with history, and there is no shame in telling it to friends. All the unnecessary “rags”, which are brought there from the studios by kilos, are sold at a very low price. It happens so that the lucky buyer gets a dress from Vivien Westwood for about ten bucks, or jeans from Ralph Lauren — and even cheaper. As for the “stellar” second- hand clothes, then prices can be even quite big. For example, shoes, in which Brad Pitt was starring in the movie “Sleepers”, are worth five hundred dollars, and a feather boa, which was worn by Demi Moore in the movie “Striptease” costs three hundred dollars.

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