TikTok and clothing: your style
Photo by MaddiesCreation on Unsplash

TikTok and clothing: your style

According to TikTok, this year’s main creators were primarily teenagers. This is all thanks to the algorithm of the application, which raises the content even before it has shown its involvement, which means that any user can become a famous Tiktoker regardless of the number of their Tik Tok followers or likes. However, in order to stay afloat in one of the most popular apps, you should actively maintain your account.

Tik-tok trends are changing at a cosmic speed, but some of them hold their positions. This trend can have many variations, but its main point is instant dressing up. Most often, tiktokers, sitting on an armchair, throw shoes into the air, and in the next shot they show how they radically changed their image to a more effective one. In general, Cinderella would have appreciated it. Undoubtedly, such a show requires very bright and stylish clothes. In general, in order to shoot in TikTok, you need to be “in trend” and go shopping before shooting.

For some possible currents, clothes are not needed at all, because the face is shot in close-up. For example, the spectacular video featuring the incredible facial expressions of the tiktoker @bellapoarch to the song Millie B has received over 417 million views and 35 million likes. The video, where the girl moves to the beat of the music, became viral, and now everyone and everyone is trying to repeat her movements to the song M to the B.

In general, the audience pays attention to your appearance and how you are dressed. Most of the videos are filmed at home. Homewear is a natural extension of your lifestyle.  Home can be your creative laboratory, where you will experiment with new styles. Let’s pretend that urban Amazon, who does not crawl out of leather jackets in her life, really wants to be a kawaii girl. Why not?

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