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How to Choose Anti-Aging Face Cream

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Everyone wants to look fresh and young, but not everyone knows which skin care products to choose.

When choosing a cream that smoothes wrinkles, you should not “get ahead of yourself.” Cosmetics have recommendations for a certain age category and you should stick to them. For a young girl, formulations designed for those over 40 can have the opposite effect of what is expected. It is better to choose such creams and masks for skin rejuvenation like Anti-Aging Retinol Alternative Cream based on the set cosmetic tasks, to deal with specific age-related manifestations.

Anti-wrinkle cream after 30 years

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The main purpose of this tool is to slow down the process of skin aging. As a rule, at this age, deep intensive moisturizing is enough. Therefore, creams with hyaluronic acid and collagen like Penebella New Lift & Firm Anti Aging Face & Neck Cream are suitable. Also during this period, mimic wrinkles are formed, which can be dealt with by applying a mask or anti-wrinkle cream from 30 years old with the effect of Botox.

Cream for wrinkles after 40 years

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An effective anti-wrinkle cream at this age is a drug that not only increases skin elasticity, but also tightens it. An excellent solution would be a composition with peptides and phytostem cells. Men can also use such creams like Anti-Aging Face & Neck Serum for Men as their skin is ageing too.

Cream for wrinkles after 50 years

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At this age, creams are more of an aid, their compositions are saturated with powerful anti-aging components: Caffeine, Retinol, Collagen, Peptides, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid. This category includes matrixyl (peptide), biogold, caviar extract. Do not forget to enhance the effect of creams with serums, masks, and also use anti-aging devices.

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