Best purchase for equestrian sportsman
Photo by Raquel Elise de Moraes from Pexels

Best purchase for equestrian sportsman

Always wondered what is the best thing to buy for your hobby – horseback riding? Something useful, safe, that will only bring success during training and victory in the competition?

Protection comes first, this applies not only to training, but also to the most ordinary walks. Therefore, before the first ride, you need to carefully approach the choice of clothing and personal equipment.

Modern clothing for equestrian sports is very diverse, but all of it meets certain norms and standards. This applies to the choice of materials, cut, protection. But all this pales before the choice of safety stirrups. Today, manufacturers offer various types of stirrups for riding – from classic to modern high-tech.

What are safety stirrups? What are they needed for?

Safe magnetic stirrups keep the rider from losing the stirrup and falling off the horse throughout the ride because they provide excellent grip. Two magnets, which are located in the stirrup itself and in the insole, are attached to each other due to different polarities. This effect is very popular with professional riders. If you want, you can watch videos on the Internet, as athletes speak out about the use of these stirrups.

Different weather is not a hindrance to riders with such stirrups, because they can be worn at any time. They look great: fashionable calm colors will emphasize your elegance (you can choose any color from the presented ones).

Stirrups come with a 60-day warranty. During this period, you can test them and make sure that you did the best purchase.

Among beginner riders, few people think about the selection of stirrups, mistakenly believing that this piece of equipment is not a key one. In fact, well-chosen stirrups will not only add comfort, but also provide joint support and safety for the rider.

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