Antrolife AES-UB21
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Blood pressure machine for home use

Blood monitor is a device for measuring blood pressure, intraocular pressure, as well as muscle tone (tension).  In medical institutions and at home, the most commonly used Antrolife blood pressure monitor, which includes:

  •  pressure gauge, which indicates pressure figures;
  •  air blower (often this role is played by a rubber bulb), which is equipped with a valve – a release regulator;
  •  the cuff, which is worn on the shoulder, is slightly above the elbow.

The blood pressure indicator is of particular importance, since mortality from cardiovascular diseases is currently the leading position in the world and more than 85% of such deaths occur as a result of a stroke or heart attack.  The first step on this path is to change blood pressure upward.  That is why this indicator is extremely important and it must be carefully and regularly monitored so as not to suddenly be in the risk zone.  Young people should not forget the fact that cardiovascular diseases have recently overtaken not only the elderly, but also those who are not yet 35-40 years old.  This is especially true for those who live in cities and megalopolises, with their poor ecology and too fast pace of life.

A modern person, who seeks to do everything, very often does not have time for the main thing: to provide himself with good sleep, proper nutrition, a measured, calm rhythm of life, healthy rest, and also pay attention in time to the “bells” in changing the state of his body.  Therefore, sudden death at home, at work and on the road from a heart attack or stroke is now far from uncommon.  It is also necessary to take into account the fact that not everyone feels the increase in pressure, and it is very easy to detect it with the help of the device.  Unfortunately, we do not always have time for frequent visits to the doctor, so it is best to buy an Antrolife AES-UB21 blood pressure monitor and monitor your health at home and at work.

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