What is the Best Sun Shade to Buy for a Garden
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What is the Best Sun Shade to Buy for a Garden

If you want to make a canopy on the sunny side of the garden, then it is better to choose models that will protect from ultraviolet rays. There are a number of suitable shade n net.

Types of canopies

If you want to make a gazebo on the sunny side, then correctly choose the type of construction. Otherwise, you will not be able to relax in the garden during the day, but only in the evening after sunset.

Fabric awning
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Fabric awning

Waterproof Shade ‘N Net or tarp – just buy a dark color model, then there will be shade inside. You can rest in it during the day. Hang a hammock or set up a pair of garden sofas. And now your cozy corner for relaxing in the garden is ready.

Metal version

Most often the gazebo is covered with sheets of corrugated board. But the material gets very hot in the sun. The structure will last for a long time. You can choose any shade for the roof. But the sound of rain will be heard, although some people like it.

Polycarbonate awning

Polycarbonate is an inexpensive option, but choose thick sheets in dark green or blue. The thicker the material, the lower the risk of deformation from hail and heavy rain. Dark colors will protect you from the bright sun in the summer, but over time it may fade.

Polycarbonate awning
Image by falconsoft from Pixabay

So what to choose as a canopy for a gazebo on the sunny side? Your choice will depend on several factors.

How much time do you spend in the country – if only one season, then it makes no sense to make an expensive option, then buy a moisture-resistant awning.

If you live permanently, then it makes sense to build a solid structure – a suitable type – a metal canopy.

Sep 1st 2021

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