Vintage era in the extravagant stores of Los Angeles
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Vintage era in the extravagant stores of Los Angeles

With such a legendary legacy entertainment and vast layer of art and music, it is not surprising that Los Angeles can boast as one of the most vibrant and eclectic vintage shopping venues in America. Hollywood stars replenish their wardrobes along with the usual buyers there. Los Angeles is not only the city of angels, but the city of vintage boutiques and flea markets of world-class.

Replika Vintage

This boutique is located in Downtown LA in the Arts district, and reminds the avant-garde era of the 90s. Replika Vintage was founded by stylists and costume designers. There one can find extravagant outfits from Comme Des Garcons, Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, Yohji Yamamoto, Helmut Lang, Issey Miyake. A collection of rare Japanese stuff is particularly impressive.

Avalon Vintage

It is a place, where famous singer and actress Vanessa Paradis likes to dress. Being located next to the Vietnamese restaurant in Highland Park, Avalon Vintage has an eclectic collection that covers the period from 1900 until 19 90-ies. Silk pajamas from the 30s or brutal sweater from the 80s along with the more than 6,000 carefully selected things together are presented in the store.

The way we wore

“The way we wore” store is one of the most interesting vintage places in Los Angeles. All dresses are lovingly hung according to the eras, since 1910. The range is really huge, but they are all very well sorted and beautifully presented. Outfits from the 20s and 30s make feel dizzy, 40s—50s represent perfect Hollywood glamour, hippies are, of course, from the 70s and Texas luxury from the 80s. Costume designers of the numerous studios frequently visit this shop. Dresses cost from $200 and above, but they are masterpieces, and they are worth it. Many dresses from this shop are worn by celebrities on the red carpet. There one can find unique things from Victorian period and dresses, embroidered with sequins and beads on motives of the Great Gatsby party.

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