How to save money at Walmart
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How to save money at Walmart

Prices at Walmart, the largest chain stores of the United States, are quite reasonable and their range allows customers to purchase almost everything they want. But even Walmart has its secrets, knowing of which will help to save a little on purchases.

  1. Obtaining cash-back from every purchase

If the customer hasn’t downloaded the Ibotta, he is missing the opportunity to get a small refund from purchases in the store. How it works: after downloading Ibotta, one should see the list of shares from Walmart, then go to the store and make a photo of the receipt. And all the cashback will be credited to the account.

  1. Scanning of purchases

Nielsen Company will pay clients only for scanning the barcodes of purchases each week and sending them the information. However, they pay not cash, but the bonuses that one can spend on equipment, toys for children and much more. All one needs is to register on the website.

  1. Not deleting emails from Walmart

It turns out that deleting emails from Walmart can cost money. Paribus service will scan all mails from Walmart in search of all kinds of receipts of the purchases, and then return a small percentage of their value as soon as the service sees that the price of some products decreased. In addition to Walmart, the service saves in this way in 16 other supermarkets. Furthermore, Paribus also closely followed the implementation of online orders. In case of long wait for the courier, the service will reimburse some shipping cost, if not the full sum.

  1. Comparing prices at Walmart with other stores

Not everyone likes running around the shops in search of the cheapest products. It takes a lot of time and nerves, if it comes to that. Therefore, Retale application can be very useful. This service helps to make a shopping list every week, showing weekly promotional items in Walmart and other stores. So the customer will know where to buy everything he needs at the lowest price.

  1. Downloading the Walmart app

Walmart application not only notifies about promotions, markdowns, but also allows obtaining refund if any goods the customer has paid more than they are sold in other stores. Despite app, one may draw up a Walmart card and save on gasoline. Using Walmart gift card, credit card and MasterCard, one may save 3 cents on each gallon of gasoline.

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