Guide to grocery shopping in Los Angeles
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Guide to grocery shopping in Los Angeles

The most delicious and expensive supermarket in Los Angeles is Whole Foods. These large and beautiful chain stores are actively selling the most natural products like Soy-free, Gluten-free, GMO-free and all in this way. These shops are very popular in California because there is a real boom to the useful and organic nutrition. Of course, quality, tastiness and beauty sometimes cause impressive cost of purchase on the receipt. Gelson’s is also included in the section of expensive supermarkets.

If the budget does not allow arranging grocery shopping in expensive stores, Trader Joe’s supermarkets can be a great and economical replacement for Whole Foods. These shops are not very big, but have tasty and original products. For those, who prefer organic food it is better to check the composition of products before buying as some of them may have chemical additions, especially those, which are frozen.

There is also a good supermarket Sprouts. It is something middle if to join Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. It is also worth to remember about retail stores such as Ralphs, Albertsons, VONS and Pavilions. They are close to each other, there are small differences in price, quality of goods, the availability of organic products (somewhere a little more, somewhere less), but in general they are very similar. Those, who are willing to save more, can visit the familiar Walmart, an American vast chain of stores that also has a large grocery Department.

It is worth to mention small supermarkets, like 7Eleven. It’s like shopping at the gas stations, but without refills. They usually sell chips, water, beer and all that stuff, but it is still better to buy all these products in a simple large supermarket, especially in the evening, because at that time there is a chance to meet local homeless people around 7Eleven. At the supermarkets one will definitely be surprised by the variety and number of products sold in them, and by beautiful design of the goods or the unusual design of the store. Well, courtesy and friendliness of the staff is on a high level.  All products will be put in bags, bags in a cart, and if necessary, they will help her to bring it to the car.

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